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A home is not a home until you’ve put your stamp on it. And though selection and style in furniture, paint and window treatments can say a lot about who you are, the devil is in the details, and in the home those details lay within the home décor. What is home décor? It’s the little pieces that comprise the whole “feel" of a room - The clocks and mirrors on the wall, the hardware on the doors, and the lamps and lighting style. It’s all these things that add up like brush strokes on a canvas to form the painting that is your home's decor. And there’s no better place to find or define those tastes than right here. Shop for clocks, mirrors, lamps, hardware and hooks. We also have bigger home décor items like fountains, and don’t forget your wall décor and switch plates. Small though they may be, these pieces act on the occupant’s subconscious and contribute to the overall impact that stepping into a well-designed and decorated room can have on a person. In other words, you should sweat the small stuff! Since color and finish are two big tone-setters when it comes to home décor, you’ll find that within most of the home décor sub-categories you can search for products across this selection. Find matching wall art and clocks that boast copper tones, for example, and compliment those hanging colors with a red rug. Or search for bolts, hinges and entry sets for a room’s doors across a specific brand, collection or color and finish. Where even the slightest out-of-place piece just won’t do, we’ve made it nearly fool-proof to assemble your entire home décor arsenal right here!

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